About Us
Aerosystems Engineering
Aerosystems Engineering (AEI) is an advanced manufacturing company based in the industrial park of Orange, CA. We are an active competitor doing business in the Aerospace and Defense sector. Engineering and product lifecycle management demand extraordinary requirements which make it important to trace the full life of the product during the manufacturing process. As an aerospace manufacturer, we know the substantial importance of compliance, control, communication, competitiveness, and complexity. We have the essential tools for running a lean manufacturing business effectively and efficiently.

Our knowledgeable team is committed to working closely with our customers on present and future projects. Advanced programming skills and rigorous inspections help us deliver parts earning us high ratings for quality and deliveries. The advanced programming helps us to be cost competitive and ultra-precise in the manufacturing process from start to finish.

If needed, we are capable of quick turnaround projects. We strive to deliver parts to meet our customer’s highest expectations for cost, quality, and delivery. AEI believes that continuous communication is imperative for all projects.

Our facility is well equipped to work with aerospace metals and maintain strong relationships with subcontractors and outside process facilities and services. AEI is in full compliance with regulation requirements and the best industry standards.

Mission Statement
Our knowledgeable personnel continually seek efficiency by utilizing newer technology to be competitive in price and in timely delivery. Aerosystems Engineering is committed to meeting and/or exceeding customer expectations through continuous process improvement. 

ORANGE, CA, 92868
TEL.  714-633-1901
FAX.  714-633-1925